Preparing Toyota Supra for sale

Tip 1 - Pick your time.
If you can possibly help it, don't sell your toyota supra after Christmas, when no one has any money. Also, showing off your car on a weeknight can be strategically useful, because the buyer may not have time to view other vehicles. This works particularly well if you take the time to detail it as I describe. If you don't he will just move on, so I need to emphasise that car selling tips work best in conjunction with each other.
Tip 2 - First Impressions are everything
Just like you are going on a date - first impressions are everything. Get all the rubbish and junk out of it. Deodorize it. Wash it, clean it.
Tip 3 - As the good boy scout says. Be prepared.
Get your paperwork in order. Find the spare keys etc. It can easily happen that the buyer will change his mind while you are fluffing around, or get a phone call about another car. Get all the paperwork to hand and get it done as soon as you can after closing the sale. This is very important. You still need to stay calm and in control and the best way to help you do this is to get organised before hand.
Tip 4 - change some bad parts.
Before selling your car be shure that all parts are all right. Your ought to check everythink and change broken parts. We can offer you site about toyota parts, where you can read some rivews and check dealers for some parts of toyota and used toyota cars.

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